Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Classroom!

I finally finished (almost) everything I wanted to do to my classroom. I guess there will always be something I want to add, or a project to tackle, but for now, I am pleased with how my classroom is! Here are some pics:

This is the area behind my desk. Love my "Let the little children come to me" framed print. Want one? You can get it for FREE here:

Here is my back wall. Easy, no sew curtains and lots of labeled storage!!

This is looking into my library. I'm keeping some of my centers in these storage bins. They are messy right now, but I will get it cleaned up and organized!!
 My word wall. I'm excited to use that this year.
 Rules and birthday board.
 Behavior Wall.

 "Think About It" Area. I got those from here:

My cabinet...

 Their backpack hooks
Table caddies.
Lunch menu and Centers bulletin board. Random thing to pair together, I know, but when space is limited...
 My door!
 The back of my door and quite possibly my most ingenious idea. I hung up all my visual aids on command hooks so I could easily get to them, but they are in an area that would be wasted space, anyway. Genius!
 School calendar, daily schedule and felt board.
 White board and ABC line.
 Book bin labels:
Calendar area:

 Dismissal chart...
 Table set up. I somehow didn't get a picture of the front (back?) of my desk, but I painted my name on it. You can sorta see it in this pic!

That's it!!! I had lots of help from TPT and fabulous ideas from teacher bloggers, but I am so thrilled with how it turned out!

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