Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

So there were several Christmas decorating link ups I wanted to participate in, but I just wasn't done decorating in time.

I had a Christmas Open House for our sweet church members, so I was finally able to take some pictures of my house. These are my decorations and pictures from the party.

It was lots of fun and I hope it was a first annual. My husband may not agree to that, though...I got a little singularly focused and a teensy bit stressed! :) BUT, after this year, I won't have to be finishing unpacking my boxes from moving in again the week before the party!! Thank goodness, that is done...well, besides the 2 boxes I hid in my closet for the party! heehee

And now I know...I really don't NEED to cook 387 cookies. That was a bit overkill.

Wreath on Front door

Present topiary I made...thank you, pinterest!

Idea for topiary came from here. I should not have used sheer ribbon. I should have used double sided tape. I should have read the instructions before I made it so I would have cut the boxes before I wrapped them. But I still think it turned out really cute!
My Christmas Story tree - It has 8 ornaments, each with a verse from Luke 2, which together tell the story of the birth of Jesus. My FAVORITE part of our decorations!
A close(r) up of a few of the ornaments
The whole table...this is in the foyer....It has the Bible open to Luke 2, our nativity scene, and the Christmas Story tree.  Plus the garland with ornaments above the mirror.

The Mantle

Coffee Table
Christmas Tree
Appliance garage corner
Snowmen table
Then we just added touches of magnolia and berries in random places
Now to the Open House.....

Thanks to my friend/our student pastor's wife, Lindsay, for helping me decorate cookies!! A great tutorial with recipes and step by step instructions is here on Laura's blog. I followed her instructions, and the cookies turned out great!! I also did presents, but I guess I didn't take a picture of them. Oops!
The other cookies, Red Velvet/White chocolate chip cookies...AKA my hubby's new favorite cookie. (What? You thought I should have taken the plastic wrap off to take the picture?!? I wouldn't know why) The recipe for this delicious cookie is found here.  And also candy cane blossoms. So fun!! That recipe is found here.   

Hot Chocolate Bar 

Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and crushed peppermint
**I also found this idea on pinterest, but I cannot for the life of me find where. If you know where, let me know and I'll add a link**
The other "toppings" - candy canes, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, mini peppermint marshmallows, candy cane Hershey's kisses....
chocolate dipped spoons and M&M's
The coffee/water/hot chocolate table...and also more cookies...chocolate chip & sugar
The Spread
There it is! Now you can see what I've been up to and why I haven't blogged in so long!!


Ali - My Suitcase Full of Tricks said...

HOT CHOCOLATE BAR??? Are you kidding me? Why didn't I think of that. Your house looks unbelievably amazing. Merry Christmas. I'm off to wrap my little heart out.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love it Stacy!!! You really outdid yourself!! But can we puh-lease talk about your pictures on the wall in your kitchen?! OH.EM.GEE!!! Where did you get those?!

Glad you're back in the blogging circuit!! Love you!

lescott said...

i agree with aly...u outdid urself...

everything looked amazing...great job bestie!

Georganne (LilaLoa) said...

Ha! I found them!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hot chocolate table! That is SUCH a great idea for all winter parties!

I can't wait to see your next cookies!