Friday, December 2, 2011

Monogrammed Swap

I have so much more stuff than this that I found at first look....I will add more as I run across it! If you want some closer pictures, email me.

OK, boy stuff: (Not sure where all my Eli and Noah things are, but I'll keep looking!)

"Sam" 12 month corduroy long all w/ crayon buttons

"sWl"  size 24 month/2T longall
"Sam" bib
***SOLD****"S" Size 2 tshirt and shorts***SOLD****
"Eli" Size 12 month smocked longall
"W" Size NB longall
"sWl" size 9 month longall

"Sam" receiving blanket
"slw" fleece blanket
"Sam" fleece blanket
"Sam" size 2 longall with dump truck buttons
"Sam" size 2 shortall
Girl stuff: (I know, no chance for same name for this one, but just thought I'd try!! I give away all her clothes and they take out the monogram and have them re-monogrammed, or there would be tons of cute girl stuff! I like to put her name on everything!!)

"Meri Hobbs" diaper bag and burp cloth
"mWh" burp cloth
"Meri Hobbs" diaper bag


Laura said...

Hi! Do you have any more Eli things?

Jennifer said...

How much for the "S" blue shirt and shorts?

jmtblack at gmail dot com

E said...

I might be interested in some of your "Sam" clothes. Please email me prices/details Thanks!

mytwoboys said...

Can you please tell me how much you want for the Sam baseball shortalls?

Life Unordinary said...

you should post them on flickr too...just an idea. Lovely things to have there.

Recently Roached said...

These are cute! I love baby clothes. :) Especially the Sam monogramming!

Crystal Renee said...

"W" Size NB longall - Avail?

mrsofficer25 AT yahoo DOT com