Friday, November 30, 2012

Return of the Elf

So, I have a confession. We have had an elf on the shelf for probably 5 years. I have been a bad elf owner. First of all, his name is Eff. Eff the Elf. Horrible, right? In my defense, my then 3 year old named him. But it still just puts a bad vibe out there for the elf.

Also, our elf has never seemed to move around a lot. He kinda likes to get in one good spot and stay there. When my kids question this, I tell them it's because they have been so good that he doesn't have much to report back to Santa.

And he has NEVER done anything fun like I see on Pinterest. He just sits. And watches. It's kinda creepy, really.

This is the year that all changes, folks! I am about to be THAT mom! Yes-siree, I am. I will over-achieve with my Elf on the Shelf this year. And I will take pictures of it. And I will put it on facebook. And I will blog about it. And I will ignore the eye rolls and snickers I get from you whilst I'm doing it. (I won't, however, ignore Snickers, capital S, that I get from you. Those, I love.)

So, tonight's the night Eff comes to our home. And he comes bearing gifts. I shamelessy copied word for word and idea for idea from this creative mom right down to the free stationary she used from here. But no matter, it's the thought, right?

Drumrolllllll please.......

Here is Eff with his goodies from the North Pole
Here is the letter he brought with instructions from Santa.

He brought us some snow from the North Pole. (It's actually flour...shhhh)

And our magic seeds. I meant to buy Christmas tree sprinkles, but forgot. Guess I'm an under-over-achiever! 

I know my kids will be SO excited to find this in the morning! And I'm thankful for all those moms who come up with these ideas that I can borrow!! I love watching the wonder and excitement of the season in the faces of my babies.

Stay tuned for more elf awesomeness!!!
 (SPOILER ALERT...After they plant the seeds, it will grow into Christmas cookies)


Angie said...

I can't wait to do the Elf thing next year. My 2 year old just wouldn't have gotten it this year but next year he will! I can't wait to see your ideas!!

Marci J said...

I can't wait to see all of the elf posts. :) Do you have a FB page for your blog where you are sharing them too?