Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

So, my mom (and many other wise women) have always told me, "you better write that down or you'll forget it." So this is me....writing it down.

I made cupcakes for Meri Hobbs' class on Monday and Sam's class on Friday.

Eli has been potty training. He has done really well! Our biggest problem is that we don't stay home long enough to be able to be really consistent.  But, when we were home and he was wearing his big boy undies, he has only had 2 accidents. Almost down to only one in diapers. So hard to believe! I have had 2 in diapers for 4 1/2 years! The highlight of the potty training quotes this week came when Eli looked in the potty after his first time to go #2. He looks in, looks at me and says, "a mud in there!" Ha! He thought it was mud! Too cute!
Meri Hobbs is always saying something funny. Her quote for the week was today after church. She asked me who the "baddest" was. Confused, I asked her to explain.  She said, "Who's the baddest at First Baddest Church, Mama?" HA! Love it!!

Noah is doing great with his sippy cup! He must be going through a growth spurt, because he is eating everything we put in front of him! He is getting more teeth, so that has some rough moments. He's still not crawling, but is dragging himself everywhere!

Sam is doing great. His heart for God is still strong, as he prayed for one of our church friends tonight..."God, please put Your power on Anna Cathryn and heal her leg so she can run faster." Wow! Love that boy! He was chosen by a college student to do a reading fluency test for a project she is doing. I was very proud to hear that she only had books to a level 4, so she had to stop there even though he could have gone higher! Smart little thing!

Other fun things this week: We had Round 2 of a garage sale. We made about $450, so I was excited about that...even though we had tons left over! But, we are donating that and glad to be rid of all the extra boxes! Sam had a football game (which I had to miss because of the garage sale). He was playing wide receiver and was running a hook, and was going to have the ball thrown to him for the first time, but the quarterback got sacked. Boo! The babies and I went on a few strolls in this beautiful weather.

Eddie flew to Mississippi with a farmer friend and loved it!  We tried to go to a junior high football game after Sam's practice Thursday night, but we were too late. We did get to go eat with some friends since they were all leaving the game when we were walking up. We went to a neat catfish restaurant with some of the older people in our church Friday night. Saturday, after football and garage sale, the kids had a birthday party to go to. Then, Sam and Meri Hobbs went to the movies with some friends and the rest of us went to a Sunday School party. After the party, we had some friends over for coffee and board games. Sunday was a wonderful day at church! 7 people joined the church in the early service (not sure about late service), with one salvation! Praise God! Eddie went out of town tonight to get up and go hunting tomorrow, and I came home and made this for the kids and me:
                                        Recipe from

Yum! What a wonderful way to end a wonderful week!!!


Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love MH's outfit!!! I totally was ready to ask if you made it, and then I laughed! Ha! Do they make it in size big girl?!

Yay for Eli potty training! And to think, only one left in diapers! Whew!

Have a good week!!

Elle said...

That cheesy goodness would make me go to town on that bread too! Loved the outfit!