Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

How did this whole week go by without a post? I know y'all are sad, so let me recap my week for you!

I got my house cleaned this week, which was HUGE!! By the way, many of you have been asking for pics of my new house. Well, like 3 people have. Whatever. Anyway. I will get some up soon! I had a sweet lady from my church who owned a flower shop come this week to give me decorating suggestions. It was wonderful! I just pointed to things and asked, "what do I need there?" And she had answers!! We rearranged my living room and talked about ways to rearrange my bedroom. So, hopefully soon, my house will be done enough to photograph! So exciting!

I also bought my first pair of leggings this week. And wore them. Big day.

We went to a Homecoming presentation which was really sweet. We had company for dinner Tuesday night and I made this fabulous Black Magic cake. It was seriously sooo good. New favorite!!! My previous favorite was The Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake, which I love. But it has been replaced as my favorite. Seriously, try this recipe!!

Sam had football practice twice, which takes for-e-vah. Ugh! I am glad he plays sports, and I know it's only gonna get worse when the other 3 are just as busy, but gahhh that takes up so much time. And this is his first year to play and he isn't a "starter" which means he and about 3 other boys sit on the sidelines for about 70% of practice. Seriously?! I have to drag 4 kids up there for 2+ hours, get home late, which means supper/baths/bedtime is late just to watch my child watch the other kids practice?! I am all for playing to win and therefore giving lots of playing time to the best players. But at practice? I want my son practicing!!! Ugh! Anyway, end of rant.

I also went to my monthly Young Ladies' Share Group with some fabulous ladies for my church. I look forward to this night every month! Next month, we are starting the Bible study "Growing Kids God's Way." Can. Not. Wait. Friday night, my parents came in and helped with the kids while I went to a Ministers Wives' Retreat with my friend and fellow minister's wife, Ellen. We had a great time learning about the love of God from Dr. Rhonda Kelley. I got home Saturday afternoon just in time to get ready for a wedding. It was so beautiful, as was the bride, Katie, and Eddie and the other minister did a fabulous job! After the wedding, we rushed home, got the rest of the family and headed to Copeland's to celebrate baby Noah's first birthday!!

 Noah loved the cake and ate and ate and ate until we finally took it away, and he then proceeded to suck it off his hand. He is his mama's child! :) He won't actually be a year until next weekend, but I will be in South America on a mission trip so we celebrated early! My mom and dad took Eli and Meri Hobbs back home with them for a few days, so I have high hopes of a productive week!! Hope yours is great as well!

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