Friday, January 27, 2012

Birth Story - Meri Hobbs

So after the time we had getting pregnant the first time and again with Sam, we didn't think we needed to get on a birth control after Sam was born. We moved to Georgia right after Sam turned a year old. I found a new doctor, told him our issues, and decided what we wanted to do.

Just shy of Sam turning 2, we decided we were ready to start trying for another baby. My new doctor said that since we knew combining Clomid and Glucophage worked for us, let's skip all the other stuff and get straight to that. So we did, and we were pregnant on month 2 of trying that! Woohoo!

When we found out we were having a girl, we were beyond excited (and scared!).  I ended up having gestational diabetes with this pregnancy, which was not really that big of a deal. I had to meet with a dietician weekly and check my blood sugar 4 times a day. I also had to have non-stress tests every other week, then every week, then twice a week as the due date got closer. I never had any issues, though, until the very end when my sugar would get a little wacky. So they put me on a pill that took care of it.

It was an uneventful pregnancy, and I again loved {almost} every minute of it! Because of the diabetes and the fact that we lived an hour away from civilization my hospital, we were gonna be induced this time.  Which meant that, again, I got to experience the wonder-drug Pitocin. We got to the hospital about 5:00 am to get things rolling.

I progressed very slowly, and that night about 5:00, the nurse came and checked me and I was still at 6 cm. She said they were changing shifts, and the new nurse would come and check me again in about an hour. My parents, Eddie's parents, and our honorary parents (who Meri Hobbs is named after) had all driven over for the big event.  When they saw how long this was going to take, they all decided to take Sam and to go eat supper.

A few minutes later, I start feeling really uncomfortable.  I was telling Eddie that I was feeling a lot of pressure. Something was going on. I called the nurse to come check it out for me. She got in there...oh yeah! This baby was coming!!

Eddie called his mom's cell phone, his mom's husband's cell phone, my mom's cell phone, my dad's cell phone, Big Ben's cell phone, Mrs. Brenda's cell phone....NO ONE answered!!! We knew the restaurant that his parents were going to eat, so he tried to call it. It was a Japanese Steakhouse...they had no clue what Eddie was trying to tell them!

So, after 13 hours in labor, Miss Meri Hobbs was born on May 18, 2007 weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces, and was 20 inches long.  She was born about 10 minutes before all the grandparents arrived!!
By the time she arrived, we had a digital camera, so I can include pics in this one!
Sam was a little nervous to come see his baby sister!
Now he decides to check her out!
Here's the big brother waiting for us when we got home from the hospital!

Our verse for Meri Hobbs was 2 Corinthians 9:15...."Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!"

We are still thankful that God sent us this precious gift. The joy that Meri Hobbs has brought us is indescribable! Our prayer is that Meri Hobbs will grow into a Godly young woman who seeks to be holy as He is holy.


Angie said...

Absolutely beautiful birth story!

Jo said...

Aw, such a sweet baby!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Love Meri Hobbs!!

And her shirt turned out so cute :)

Erika . . . with a K said...

Love the birth story. Congrats on your new addition!