Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Photo Dump

Here are some things that went on here this week...

Noah is enjoying his sandwich!
Wanna see??
Meri Hobbs had pictures for her dance recital
I put on her mascara, and when she would open her eyes, she would get mascara on her eyebrows. It's ok to be jealous of my daughter's eyelashes, right?!
Eli got a new shirt from his Mimi. This is Eli hugging his shirt, saying, "I love it!"
Noah celebrated Mardi Gras
The kids reading with their beloved "Uncle Stinky". Wish you could see them all, but you can only see MH's feet sticking out.
THIS makes me so proud. I love my boy and I think God has big things in store for this one! How did I get lucky enough to be his mom?


Angie said...

That last picture melted my heart! God already has his hand on him guiding him in the right direction :)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok yes i want those lashes...2. what a sweet boy hugging his he really loved it haha

3. we need to get our babies together..i think Reid and Noah would have a ball!!!

caseyajones said...

ok, her eyelashes are crazy long. that just isn't fair. ugh! so looks so pretty all jazzed up. Eli hugging his shrit from your mom is so sweet.

Kay Barnes Martin said...

Loved all the pictures but especially the last one and his use of the words in sentences! How very special!!

Brooke said...

hahahha, i love the end!! :) Oh, I will preach the gospel. So sweet!!