Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Soccer Cleats and a Grandparent's Love

My friend saw Sam in his tall black socks with white stripes at the top. She innocently asked the question, "Do you play soccer, Sam?"

What a normal assumption! But, alas, no. Sam doesn't play soccer. What's more, he has never lived in a town that even OFFERS soccer.

Hmm. So why was he wearing tall black socks?? Another good question. And this is where the grandparents enter the story.

Of course I know grandparents love their grandkids. I mean, that's just what they do. But sometimes, when you see it in action, you realize HOW MUCH they love them (and how cookoo they can get over them). (I know that may or may not be a word and that it may or may not be spelled correctly.)

Ok, back to Sam. One day when he was probably 3-maybe 4-he told my parents he wished he had a soccer uniform. Honestly, he was at the age where he wished he had everything he saw. He wished for a helicopter. And a 4 wheeler. And play dough. And a pillow pet. That's what kids do, right? Want everything they see?

So this particular day, his wish was heard out loud by the grandparents. (side note: he has since learned that the grandparents can be, ahem, suckers pushovers generous and has learned to wish aloud in front of them more often!)

So what does any loving grandparent do? out and buy Sam a soccer uniform, of course! And by uniform, I mean....shorts, a jersey with his name and a number printed on the back, tall socks, shin guards, cleats...the whole nine.

Sam loved that uniform. Obviously, he still wears the socks. But more than anything, Sam (and all my kids) KNOW they are loved by both sets of their grandparents. And not just because they buy them anything they mention (which they do), but because they show it in a million different ways. I am so thankful that my children will never have to doubt that love. And that they will grow up knowing the unconditional love of a grandparent...and learning how to sucker them into getting more stuff! ;)
Sam with my parents at his first Ole Miss football game, October 2005


Domestic Goddess said...

I love this...grandparents are so special aren't they!! Hard to believe my tough as nails dad now melts at the mere sight of my boys. "If I knew how much fun grandkids were, I would've had them first.."
:) Sweet blog!

Angie said...

Ha Ha- I love this!
Grandparents truly are special :)