Monday, February 27, 2012

Home Tour...Kitchen

Y'all, here is the second part of my home tour! You can find part 1 included the back entry, laundry room and pantry.

I am SO excited about today's post for several reasons:
1. The kitchen is my MOST FAVORITE room....I LOVE it!!!
2. It is the room that I spent the most time on...choosing colors and hardware and appliances and tile....etc. I focused more on this room more than any other because I knew this is where we would spend the most time and that this would be the heart of our home.
3. This is the one room that I didn't cut back on. When you build a house on a set budget, you have to choose areas that you want to splurge on and areas that you can cut back on. This was my splurge! I chose what I wanted {within reason, of course} and Eddie knew how important the kitchen was to me, so his usual reply was, "Whatever you want/think." Can't ask for more than that!!
4. And finally.....I'm excited about this post because I got my camera back! Yay! My digital camera has been broken since May and I finally got around to taking it to Best Buy to see if it could be fixed. They sent it off, fixed it and I got it back today! So it was fun getting to use it again.

Warning, this post has a lot of pictures!!!

First, here are pictures from the four corners of the kitchen...
Eating area
View from the eating area
View into living room
View from living room
Now for the close-ups:
Pantry area....Closed, and open
Microwave/Spice Drawer above pantry. (The drawer at the bottom of the microwave is a toaster oven. I can cook pizza, chicken nuggets, cookies, etc in there)
Spice Drawer. I love this, too...When we were deciding where to put the microwave, the cabinet builder said there would be space left if we put it above the pantry, so I suggested this. I'm so is right to the right of the oven, so it is very convenient!
Area between pantry and stove
Stove wall
I love the way the vent hood turned out!!
My regular view and one showing the side oven
My backsplash
To the left of the stove...I hope you notice our brand new coffee pot. That is the major comment I have received when people have seen my kitchen before....that my maybe 20+ year old coffeepot didn't really flow with the rest of the kitchen! Well, happy birthday to Eddie. Some sweet friends took pity on him on his birthday!
My canister set. Had these made at a pottery shop in my hometown right after we got married. I love them!
The corner
The shelves. I have to put something in the jar. I had gourds/pumpkins in there. Then Christmas ornaments. I'm waiting for inspiration to strike. I think I'm gonna mod podge some balls to put in there. Maybe!
Inside the appliance garage. Our blender, can opener, extra attachments to our mixer, and coffee supplies.     

Between the sink and appliance garage
The back wall
The dishwasher
One of my favorite things about the kitchen...the view. I can see the kids playing from here.
The sink
I love my sink...this was the very first thing I picked out for the house. Brown composite granite. Everything else I chose for the kitchen had to match this. Love how big and how deep and how brown it is!
Sink down to refrigerator 
My canisters o' beans
The garbage

I love that it remains hidden
The fridge
Inside freezer/fridge
Island...View 1
Island...View 2
I love my big cutting board! It was a birthday present from 2 sweet friends.
Fruit bowl
Quite possibly my most favorite thing in the entire beloved ice maker!!
Ice!!! :)
Pendant lights
Bottom of how the bead board turned out
I got these stools at I went to the local store to buy them, but they only had 2. So I checked online, and with the sale they had, I got 6 for the price that I could have bought 5 for in the store. Plus it was free shipping!
Our beautiful new table
Our best friend in Georgia made this for us. When he originally said he wanted to make it, I must admit I was skeptical. I mean, he's a pharmacist, not a woodworker. think he missed his calling! It turned out awesome!
The wall behind the table
The other wall...and my favorite artwork in the kitchen. My babies' handprints/footprints all pulled together inside a larger frame.
And finally....a close-up of our floor...just because I love how it turned out. It's just stained pine lumber, and I love all the knots and imperfections in it.

PHEW! I am so sorry this was so long and has 6 million pictures. But I didn't want to leave anything out! I guess I could have divided it into two posts...but I didn't!!

Thanks for visiting my kitchen!! Can't wait to show you more of my home later.


Georganne (LilaLoa) said...

Oh my goodness -- I think I am IN LOVE!!! Don't you worry, there was not a picture too many! Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!

CookieD-oh said...

WOW!! Gorgeous kitchen! I am so in love with the green!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

YOU MADE ME SIN THIS MORNING..i coveted your kitchen. seriously that OVEN...hello? i would kill for that...that trash can area....the ICE MAKER WOULD SAVE ME AS A MOM....the sink is gorgeous!!! i'm off to repent!

Alison said...

I LOVE your kitchen! I think we have the same granite that ya'll do! And we have the same faucet in our kitchen sink too! :)

Kay Barnes Martin said...

Great looking kitchen!! My favorite place to be!

Marci J said...

What a beautiful kitchen!! I love your colors-it feels so warm even viewing it from the computer!! I also am very JeLoUs(!!!) of the ice maker. :)

Brooke said...

Love this so much!!

caseyajones said...

FANCY SMANCY! ha, i love it. so glad you have a beautiful house, you deserve it. and that kitchen is gorgeous and i am in love with that large cutting board.

Allison said...

Very pretty. Love the artwork of the kids hand/feet prints.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kitchen! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. Dawn

Brittany said...

I have never seen a kitchen this beautiful!