Friday, September 23, 2011


Finally, let me introduce you to the kids and then we can get to actually blogging!

The eldest, Sam is 6. He is too much fun! From birth, everything has been easy with him. He was my shortest labor (seriously, the first was my shortest. Crazy, huh?!) He slept through the night the earliest (5 weeks). He potty trained in like one day. He is just a smart kid! He can look at his spelling words and know them. He picks things up quickly! He has the most amazing heart, too. God has big things in store for this one! I want to share two recent examples of his heart for God. Got this message from his teacher the first day of school--

I overheard him talking about befriending people who don't believe in Christ so we could let them know the truth and teach them. :-))))

Seriously?! This is what my boy is talking about on the playground the first day of school? Could not be more proud! Then, one day, he came home and asked me if he could be so-and-so's friend. I said, of course you can! He said, "but mama, he said he didn't know if he loved God, so I can't be his best friend." Ahh, he is already learning to make wise choices in his friends...and wants his closest friends to be ones that love God with all their hearts. I sure hope he keeps this frame of mind into high school and college!

He is so funny. He thinks he is the manager of the other kids and can be so bossy to them! He is also a tad bit OCD (or maybe I should say he's a bit of a perfectionist in some things so it doesn't make him sound crazy!) He has gotten better, but would melt down if his covers weren't perfectly pulled up across his neck and straight to the other side of the bed. He will only wear certain socks. His shirts have to be the correct length or he will not wear them. He brushes his hair straight down....don't you dare try to part it! He is quite picky about all his clothes. Before he could tie them himself, he would only let me tie his shoes because I did it best. I could go on....  :)

He is so helpful around the house. He helps with the other kids (buckling Eli into his carseat, helping Eli put his shoes on, fetching diapers and wipes and bottles for me....) and is responsible to pick up his room, bring his dirty clothes to the laundry room, and make up his bed -- which he is so proud of. He "decorates" his bed with stuff from his room...trophies, teddy bears, books, whatever...and calls himself a bed "artist." Whatever, at least he gets it done willingly!

Sam loves sports and wants to play everything he can. And he is a pretty good little athlete so far! It is fun getting to watching him at his games! He is our social butterfly, and constantly wants to go to someone's house or have someone to come to ours. He thinks he is 18 and prefers to hang out with the older kids. He sits right in the middle of the youth group at church on Sunday nights.

He is well mannered and kind and soft hearted and respectful. He is all boy and definitely has his trying moments, but he is a great kid and I am so proud to be his mom! I can't wait to see what kind of man he will grow up to be!

Well, I was gonna do all 4 kiddos in one post, but obviously I'm "that mom" who can ramble about her kids all day. But this is MY blog and I can say what I want!! :) Stay tuned to read how awesome the rest of my crew is....

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Beverly Wooley said...

Love that SAM - something so special about the firstborn - and he fits the profile perfectly.

I can tell you what kind of man he's going to be when he's grown - a GREAT one (very much like his daddy).

You go girl - I for one am looking forward to a whole individual post on every kid!