Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Eli

I seriously can't describe Eli without using the word "sweet." That is exactly what he is. If you read my post about Sam and how he is so fast to master things (and if you didn't, shame on you!), Eli is the complete opposite! He was my longest labor (19 hours). And while we're on epidural didn't work either. All 6 times they tried (3 tries per needle...OUCH!) But he was well worth it! It took him the longest to sleep through the night (13 weeks). He also didn't walk until he was 18 months old...and I was 7 months pregnant. I was so worried I would be carrying around 2 babies for a while, but thank goodness he caved and started walking!

He loves sleeping. Sometimes he asks, "I go night night now, Mama?" YES!!! :) When he sleeps, he requires blankets. Lots of them! But he does have one favorite, a Taggie. We couldn't find it last night when we were putting Eli in bed, so he went on to bed without it. A few minutes later, Meri Hobbs found it and I took it to Eli's room. He shares a room with Noah, and I didn't want to wake Noah, so I just kind of tossed the blanket on to Eli's bed just in case. In the darkness, I heard a whispered, "Thank you, Mama." Ahhh, precious baby!

He gets on a kick and will repeat something 10,000 times a day. Most days it's "I luh you, Mama. Luh you so much." (Which if that's the most annoying thing he does, I'll take it!) But last week, it was, "You a bomb, Mama!" (Apparently he has recently heard the phrase, "You're the bomb!") And daily I hear the sweet words, "You beautiful, Mama." Aww.

I love my sweet boy and hope he will always keep his sweet nature. I can't wait to watch him grow up and see how God will use that precious heart of his to use him in mighty ways.

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Beverly Wooley said...

Does Eli look just like Eddie's baby pictures? Every time I look at his sweet little face, I see his daddy. Someday sweet Stacy, you are going to be more glad you wrote these posts than you can possibly imagine right now. Your little ones will grow and change before your very eyes and you will have preserved a moment of their childhood forever in these posts!

Yesterday when I clicked on the link to your blog, it was with the thought "oh, I wonder if she's written about her little princess yet." Then it popped up and you'd even titled Meri Hobb's post "The Princess." Cracked me up!

Isn't it wonderful what unique little individuals your children are. And YAY for you that you love and accept them for their individuality! Eli can be Eli and not have to do things fast like Sam. Not sure I fully understood that when I was a young mom. You go girl!