Saturday, September 24, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program....

I am going to take a break from introducing you to the amazingly awesome fam to share with you my earth shattering realization that no blogger before me has ever realized before. Ever. 

So I have been a part of this blogging world for like, ohhh, 5 minutes and let me tell you I am hooked! I do enjoying sharing part of my life with you, but I LOVE reading other people's blogs. Which is weird. I don't know most of them. It is crazy. I read one blog, which links me to another cute blog, which links me to another one and another one and the next thing I know it's 1 a.m! Several times, I have literally had to cover my mouth to keep from busting out laughing and waking the whole house!

I think I have figured out why I love them so. I rarely get adult interaction. Now I'm not complaining (this time...many times I am, but not this one). Reading about other people's lives is where I get to "hear" about your day. And laugh at the things you're going through. And realize that I'm not the only one in the world wiping up apple juice and poop all day. It simulates my absent adult time. And makes me feel a little bit connected. AND I can do it when I have time to fit it in. Which is usually after bedtime. When the rest of the world is asleep so I can't hang out with someone or have real adult time. So I'll take the fake stuff.

Why do YOU enjoy enjoy the blog {under}world?


Beverly Wooley said...

I love reading the young mommy blogs because it brings back so many happy memories of when my own children were young. I love hearing the young mom's struggles because it lets me know how to pray for them.

Actually, I guess intercession is one of my main reasons for most of the blogs I read of people I don't know in real life. It seems like God keeps giving me children to pray for and I follow their parents blogs until they are healed. I've seen so many miracles and been privileged to love and encourage people I'd never know apart from the blog world.

Ariel said...

I love this! I love reading blogs, because there's so much communication these days, but rarely does it seem as genuine and open as blogging is. People really do let readers in to their lives, and it's so interesting to read what everyone else is up to. Lovely blog!