Monday, November 21, 2011


Anytime someone dies, Meri Hobbs always thinks about Gommie, my grandmother who died almost 2 years ago. Today, Eddie was going to pray with a lady in our church whose husband just died. Meri Hobbs asked me if she could pray for Gommie. Of course, I told her. Here is her prayer: "Dear God, thank you for Gommie. I pray she has a fun day in heaven. Tell her I love her. Amen."

Ahh what a precious prayer for a 4 year old heart! And Meri Hobbs, I feel quite sure Gommie is having a fun day in heaven!!


Ali said...

Yep. Teary eyes. I would have cried for sure. How sweet!!!

Beverly Wooley said...

PRECIOUS!! Meri Hobbs has the sweetest little spirit, doesn't she? Sweetness!