Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankfulness day #11

Today I am thankful for fun nights out with my family and friends. We are on our way home from eating out with another family and we talked and laughed and had a great time. Someone even commented how "well behaved" our table full of boys was. What?! We'll take it where we can get it!! :)

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His Doorkeeper said...

Stacy, Thank you for the comment you left on my blog! You have a beautiful family! I know as a fellow pastor's wife, you have a busy life!

Do you know Beverly's Blurbs? I noticed her on your "Blogs I love" and she is such a sweet lady! We talk back and forth also!

How long have you been at your church? We have been at the same church for 27 years...a true miracle!!

Hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!