Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sam's First Deer Hunt/Thankfulness day #12

Sam went hunting with Eddie for the first time this morning. He wakes up at 5:15 without too much complaint. He comes to my bathroom to take a no-scent shower. I hear him whisper to Eddie when they got in here that he wants to give me a hug. Eddie's response? "OK, but don't wake her up." Yeah, since that's possible. He hugs me and scurries to the bathroom.

For some reason, getting in the shower displeases Sam. He is now full-fledged whiny. He's whining that the shower is too cold, that his pants are too big, that he doesn't know where his hat is, that the "dot" will be too small to shoot. (I guess he thinks there will be a dot on the deer like there was in the paper he shot when he was practicing shooting his gun). Eddie is fussing at him to be quiet just as loud as Sam is being to begin with.

I take their picture to commemorate this big day.

They both looked beyond thrilled, huh?

Sam spends the hunt sleeping while Eddie watches for signs of deer. Of which, there are none. They come home empty-handed and disappointed.

When the hunters return, Meri Hobbs, using her spidey-sense detects a sour mood. So, she turns on her charms. "Sam, you look handsome." Sam mumbles his thanks and skulks to his room to change. I go in and ask him what's wrong. "I don't look handsome," he says, "I look stupid. I just want to go hunting and not wear this." Mm-Kay.

Although the morning wasn't perfect, I am so thankful that my husband spends time with our children!

P.S.  That WAS the end of the story. I was waiting until tonight to upload my the pictures and post this. But, they decided to give it one more try! They went back out this afternoon. About 5:30, my phone rings. It's Sam saying, "Mama...I got a big buck and we see the blood and when we find it we will bring it home and it will be in the back of the truck and you can see it and we can eat it for supper."
And, notice he no longer looks "stupid" but is wearing blue jeans and a hoodie!

So...just for the sake of record-keeping, it weighed 255 lb and scored 140. Way to go, Sam!! :)

And to add to my thankful list, I am thankful my husband and my son have something they both love to do together and hope they will enjoy hanging out and hunting for many years to come! (And Eli and Noah, too, when they are older)


Ali said...

Oh yay!! I'm so glad Sam finally got a deer!! I bet that was just the ego boost he needed!

Anonymous said...

What a little rockstar! Just love it.

PS. I bought all your goodies for the swap box! I am SO excited about it, and I hope you love it as much as I do...

megs [at] Shine On

Aly @ Analyze This said...

YAY! Go Sam, Go!!!!

Beverly Wooley said...

Wish you could have heard my 9 yr. old grandson shriek over Sam's deer!! He is green with envy. He and his dad have been four times already and he hasn't even seen a deer this year!